Life In Our  Coronaverse

By now you know our tagline...


Who knew how true that would become this year ! If you follow us on social media @CCnDoc, you are already crystal clear about our approach to the ongoing pandemic. Hunker Down, Stay Home, Don't Eat Out or Socialize in Person & Wear the F@*%ing Mask. That's how we roll. Our world has gotten significantly smaller this year and you may be surprised to know, we are OK with that! Unlike most, we haven't stopped bubbling since March. We didn't need to go back to "normal" three weeks after lockdown because as you may recall, we've been on the road for over 20 years! It was actually a welcome relief to leave the rat race behind! Aside from missing our family--whom we have elected to keep safe during this time--we are unashamed to say we're enjoying the bubble and are proud that we haven't contributed to the problem. We can't figure out how anyone is bored right now. We are busier than EVER!  In fact, our new motto is ISOLATE and INNOVATE! So speaking of that, I'd like to introduce you to the latest adVENTURE in the CCnDoc Ventures line-up, Bravo Starz INTERtainment™ Bravo Starz provides LIVE, World-class Performers for Virtual and Hybrid Events! All kinds of events and we have serious STARZ! Let's face it, virtual is here to stay, so why not make it better and more entertaining? We started Bravo Starz to help the struggling Arts and Entertainment economies devastated by Covid! So hiring Bravo Starz is a win-win because it supports the Arts and it's a cure for Zoom Fatigue! 

We would love the help of our loyal fans to get the word out! Please like, share and shout @BravoStarz from the rooftops or better yet, hire one of these talented folks for your next work or personal event!


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We're NOW  ON Vimeo!

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Once upon a time... and again

A new twist on an old favorite, our popular Coaching Book Coaching for Commitment (C4C™) is back in our hands and SIMPLIFIED! Get it HERE! (affiliate link)

A BRAND NEW book on the way! Doc Z wanted to give back to her career (that found her) and so we're talking about $$$ in a whole new way and you can too!

We (still) color outside the lines 


These two #UnaplogeticallyEclectic, #Over50Influencers color outside the lines and have a blast doing it! Follow these two adventure-seeking, fun-loving, food-munching explorers on their journey on the road less traveled and beyond in #NoDickVanDyke! Challenge Accepted!

Did I mention INFLUENCERS?

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Featured on The Seniortopia Show!


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We truly have some of the most eclectic social media posts on the web. Rest assured, niche is not a word anyone ever uses to describe us!  From Food and Libation to Travel to Fun and now INTERtainment, Funny and sometimes even satirical comedy. We're happy to show you a glimpse into our unapologetically eclectic lives and take you along for the ride. We crack ourselves up most of the time, and create chaos the rest of the time! 

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The adventures of #NoDickVanDyke

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The Mascots:






Kota Espiritu

RIP Sweet Princess Kota

4/15/1999 - 6/26/2019

 Our girl is still with us in spirit. 😿After 20 years of adventures,

she decided to join her grandpa on the other side, and she lives on. She is quite active in her new life in the great beyond sending us signs all the time.

And, she still has a book deal in the works.  So stay tuned. Kitty Kisses 💜

#PrincessKotaKitty #KotaEspiritu

#PrincessKotaSightings #PrincessKota

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